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Photographers / B & W. (some with colour).

These links contain images produced by some of the greatest Fine Art Pictorial B&W photographers (in their field) around at this time.


Michael Kenna photography - Archive Superb monochrome photography.

Lynn Radeka Great Black and White photography from the USA.

Richard van Hoesel Landscape Photography Fine images from Austrailia, USA, and Scotland UK.

Steven Karafyllakis Superb images of the Florida landscape.

Kerik Kouklis Excellent panoramas in black and white.

Wolfgang Mothes This is what B & White photography is all about, just about the best there is! (in my opinion). Be impressed here.

Picture Image gallery by Marcel Van Balken Fascinating monochrome images.

Nick Brandt Superb Monochrome images of African wildlife. A 'Must See' website.

David J Osborn Excellent panoramic images of the UK.

David Burdeny Photographic works Great fine art B&W photography of shorelines from around the world.

Steve Shames - Photo Gallery Mostly Colour with a few B&W Infrared.

David Fokos Another fine website of B&W images.

Denis Olivier Outstanding graphic B&W photography.

Don Kirby Excellent pictorial images from this U.S. photographer.

Frank Follet Quality work from this French photographer.

Gerard Laurenceau Great pictorialism from this fine French photographer.

Jesse L. Young A variety of great fine art pictorialism here.

Josef Hoflehner Great minimalistic images from all over the world.

Roman Loranc Pictorial B&W work of quality here.

Emmanuel Correia Excellent photography using equipment you would never dream of using, proving that it's not what you have, but what you do with it that counts.

Chip Forelli Fine art photography at its best.

Rolfe Horn One of the best B&W pictorial photographers around.

Lance Keimig Great low light photography here.

Michael Levin Superb graphic B&W low light photography by this photographer.

Jason Mullins Great fine art pictorial work here.

Lemir philippe Excellent panoramic images by this French photographer.

Silvio Maraini Fine art photography with excellent technique pages.

Jeff T. Alu A neat and very interesting site of graphic images, many surreal.

Jerry Olson Fine images from the US.

Todd Schoenbaum Some excellent images of a bygone era.

John Beardsworth A fine site of a variety of subject matter, All well executed.

Hans Van Der Pol A great site of surreal images, the experience is evidend.



Colour Sites

Tom Grubbe Excellent landscape and seascapes here.

Lon J Ovreacker A site of many good colour images.

Martin & Cindy Quinn Fine colour galleries from these photographers.

Anthony Roach Great photography form this Austrailin Photographer.

Rob Tilley A website of fine colour images form a variety of locations.

Daniel ! An unusal site where an attempt is made to portray the deeper meanings of life through photography.



Photographers /Infrared

Simon Marsden, The Marsden Archives From the master of infrared, Mood and atmosphere.

Chris Maher - Fine Art InfraRed photography Imaginative and tastefull photography here.

Charles Baynon Excellent well executed infrared photography by this photographer.

Gary Allen Brown A fine selection of galleries of various content, Includes many infrared images.

Kathy Harcom Excellent infrared images, many printed on lith.

Jean-Pierre Trembley Superb gallery of infrared, Tinted infrared and colour galleries.

Jeff Krewson Fine images in Infrared, B & White and some colour.

Just Mono A website containing the excellent work of four photographers, there are a few galleries offered from each one.




Reciprocal Links


Jeremy Turner Photography (Superb images from Austrailia.)

Philip Pankov Quality fine art monochrome images from Ireland and Abroad from this award winning photographer.





Alternative Photography An excellent website containing how-to-do information on numerous alternative processes. (Interactive Photo Site)

 A World of Photography Searchable directory of photographers, photography resources, photography supplies and services, and photography books and magazines.

CoCam All the InfraRed data you will ever need is here

Luminous Landscapes Much usefull information on this site

Digitaltruth Photo Source Full of essential data and info you need to know

Art and Photography Directory Well worth a look in here

PhotoSIG A large quality gallery with an interesting and versatile search

The Welsh Photographic Federation All affiliated CAMERA CLUBS in wales are part of this

APUG A web links portal for analogue photogtaphy, Forum's, Photo sharing etc.

Morriston Camera Club A camera club in Swansea which I am a member of

Port Talbot Camera Cl,ub A camera club near Swansea which I am a member of

Khromadery An excellent site dealing with the problem of converting you'r digital camera to infrared use.



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